Semi-Automatic Assembly Line for Cartridge D.40

Semi-Automatic Assembly Line for Cartridge D.40
System Details:
  • Cycle Time: 15 sec
  • Cartridge D.40 assembly
  • Employ two operators at the same time
System Samples:

Efficient Assembly of Cartridge D.40 with Semi-Automatic Precision - FELP Assembly Systems USA presents the Semi-Automatic Assembly Line for Cartridges with D.40 diameters, designed to enhance efficiency in cartridge assembly. This specialized line, focusing on the assembly of Cartridge D.40, embodies our commitment to precision and speed in the manufacturing process.

Optimized Cycle Time for High Productivity
Our assembly system boasts a rapid cycle time of just 15 seconds between parts, ensuring high throughput while maintaining quality. The line requires two operators, combining human expertise with semi-automated processes for optimal efficiency.

Designed for Specialized Requirements
The specific focus on the assembly of this type of faucet cartridge ensures each component is produced with meticulous attention to detail, meeting the high standards required in industrial applications.

Your Partner in Industrial Manufacturing
FELP Assembly Systems USA is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance your production capabilities. Our team, based in the USA, is committed to delivering excellent service and support, ensuring the smooth operation of every assembly line we manufacture.