About FELP Assembly Systems

Founded in 1982, FELP has been developing top-of-the-line assembly systems focusing on the production of valves, fittings, and faucets for a worldwide, industrial market. FELP Assembly Systems USA is complemented by its sister division based in Italy, custom designing intricate, mass-production assembly systems boasting the perfect balance between automation, flexibility, and affordability. FELP's efficient assembly line systems are in use throughout five continents with installations found in the United States, Mexico, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and South Africa.

Systems designed and assembled by FELP specialize in the production of faucets, spherical valves, automotive components, electric components, pneumatic accessories, and many other products. Based upon the requirements set forth by a customer's needs, assembly systems designed by FELP may include rotary table machines, mechanical lines, testing benches, and work stations.

Faucets, Valves, & Fittings Assembled with FELP Systems

FELP Assembly Systems USA has become a global leader in the field of assembly systems by adhering to detailed, customer-focused system designs, precise system setup & assembly, and diligent testing to ensure all performs at peak efficiently. With decades of experience and continual system enhancements incorporating the latest in available technology, FELP is the ideal partner for quality assembly system development and installation. FELP proudly offers customers high productivity, optimal ergonomics, trusted reliability, and simplified maintenance for all assembly systems produced.

Assembly & Testing Line for Ball Valve Production Traditional Headwork Assembly Line