Assembling, Testing, and Marking Automatic Line for Single Faucet Mixed Cartridge

Assembling, Testing, and Marking Automatic Line for Single Faucet Mixed Cartridge
System Details:
  • Cycle time: 10-15 sec
  • Test: Micro Leakage Seal Test
  • Complete System Composed by Rotary Table and Pallet Line
System Samples:

Efficient Assembly Solutions for Single Faucet Mixed Cartridges - at FELP Assembly Systems USA, we specialize in the innovative design and implementation of assembly lines for industrial applications. Our automatic line for assembling, testing, and marking single faucet mixed cartridges is a prime example of our commitment to efficiency and precision in industrial manufacturing.

High-Speed Production with Quality Assurance
This automated assembly line boasts an impressive cycle time of 10-15 seconds. Our advanced system integrates a Rotary Table and Pallet Line, ensuring seamless operation and optimal throughput. The inclusion of a Micro Leakage Seal Test within the process highlights our dedication to quality, ensuring each cartridge meets stringent standards before it leaves the assembly line.

Tailored for Industry Needs
Understanding the critical role of cartridges in faucet functionality, our assembly line is designed to produce stem cartridges efficiently. These cartridges, crucial for controlling water flow in faucets, are assembled with precision, backed by decades of experience in automated systems.

Partnership and Service
FELP Assembly Systems USA is not just about quality assembly systems; we value partnerships. Our service and installation teams, based in the USA, are committed to providing ongoing support, ensuring that every assembly line runs at its optimal capacity.