3-Ends Push-Fitting Assembly System

3-Ends Push-Fitting Assembly System
System Details:
  • Production: 1,100-1,200 pcs/hour
  • Assembling of Single, Double, and 3 End Fittings
  • Ends Pneumatic Press In Line
System Samples:

FELP Assembly Systems takes immense pride in presenting our premier assembly line system, specifically designed for the production of fittings utilized in water delivery and plumbing applications. Our push-fitting assembly line boasts an array of capabilities, allowing for the production of fittings in single, double, or triple ended configurations. Our fitting production systems are unparalleled boasting an impressive output range of 1,100 to 1,200 fittings per hour.

At FELP Assembly System, we understand the importance of tailoring our assembly lines to meet your unique manufacturing requirements. As such, our fitting production lines are meticulously modified and configured to ensure seamless integration with your specific needs. Moreover, we offer a fully integrated pneumatic press, which further enhances the smooth production of parts. This comprehensive approach guarantees that our assembly line system is the epitome of versatility and productivity, setting it apart from any other fitting production system currently available on the market.

Rest assured, each and every FELP fittings assembly line is meticulously set up at the customer's facilities by our team of expert technicians. We understand the significance of providing ongoing service, maintenance, and monitoring, and we are more than happy to accommodate such requests. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we strive to deliver nothing but the best in fitting assembly line systems.

Should you require further information or wish to experience the unparalleled quality of our fitting assembly line system firsthand, we invite you to contact FELP Assembly Systems. It would be our pleasure to assist you in any way possible with your fitting production assembly line needs!